A website of my very own

Hello?  Is this thing on?

Let me tell you, it’s quite daunting to create, design, and publish a new website of my very own. Thoughts of “what will I write every day/week/month?” to “will anyone ever find me?” and “just how many friends can I beg to come over and see my new blog?” have filled my mind since I committed to getting this done.

So far, the hardest part was choosing the theme for the blog!  And I don’t mean “what’s it all about, Alfie” theme…I mean, choosing the color, layout, design for the gosh darn website.  So don’t be surprised when it changes periodically.

So, anyway, why am I here?  Because I want to be an author more than anything in this world.  I love books.  If I could, I would surround myself with books in every room, and do nothing but read.  Therefore, the extension is to WRITE the types of stories I love to read.  I love all types of books, but Romance is nearest and dearest to my heart.

As my tagline says, “Everyone deserves a Happily Ever After”.

While I have, oh, say, five or ten stories I have begun over the years, and ideas for another thirty or so, I have just finished my first Contemporary Romance novel.  I have been consumed with this story for the last six months. I love these characters, the plot, the setting…it’s going to be hard letting go of it, but it’s time.

Now I have to get it out to agents and editors…


I’ll be talking more about my story(ies) in the near future, so I hope you’ll come along and have some fun with me.

See you soon!

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