Inspiration for stories

Writers get inspiration for stories from everywhere – books, newspapers, magazines, Pinterest (a big one for me), and everyday life.  Case in point: yesterday I saw a picture on facebook of a baby girl with her four brothers standing behind her, holding signs that spell out “Don’t mess with her”.  BOOM. Instant story idea about a woman with four older over-protective brothers.  Then, of course, each one of them has to have a story of their own!

Another case in point: I left work yesterday (in 110 degree heat, but that’s Texas for you), and passed by a building being renovated (or torn down).  As I passed beneath the scaffolding, a guy was walking out of the building.  I’ve seen some of them working, and they’re all wearing those white Tyvek (Hazmat??) jumpsuits that cover them from head to toe.  But the guy I saw yesterday had his pulled down so it hutattoong around his waist, and he had a white tank top on.  His head was nearly shaved, and he had full tat sleeves on both arms, wrist to shoulder.   Immediately, the writer in me wondered what his story was, and I came up with all kinds of plots.  I don’t ordinarily like tattoo sleeves, but on this guy it worked.  But if I wrote his story I’d have to make him taller.  🙂   I realized later that I appreciated him as a writer with a story to tell than as a woman seeing an attractive man!

I’m beginning to work on my next story, which will lead into a series of Alpha heroes.  The series idea came to me while at the RWA conference.  I’m really excited about these novels, and I can’t wait to begin working on them, tying them all together.

So yes, inspiration comes from so many places, even just ordinary walks in the dawg days of summer!


About Allison B Collins

Allison B Collins is an aspiring author, writing tales of love. After all, everyone deserves a Happily Ever After.

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  1. I’ve seen those pictures on Facebook. Love them! But, just let me know if the crazy Kircuses are ever inspiration for print. LOL!

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