A woo-woo moment (or two) at RWA conference

Well, I’m home from the RWA conference, and while I’m exhausted, it was fantastic.  I learned so much, had a lightening bulb moment for a series of books (yay me!), and am energized about my writing.

Oh, and I found my ‘long lost sister’. <cue Twilight Zone music>

On Thursday, I was at the elevators, and a woman said hello as she walked by me. She stopped in her tracks, backed up and said “I’ve been hearing all day there’s a woman who looks like me.  I think it’s you.”  I looked at her, and did see a resemblance.  I told her that for years people have been telling me about a woman who looks like me and used to work there  <insert my place of employment> before me.  Seriously, it happened at the insurance company I worked at in St. Petersburg, at Pier 1 Imports in Tampa, and at my current job in Dallas.   And since it happened so much, it became a joke that she was my evil twin sister.   So Lina (my doppelganger) and I laughed, and she moved on.

I kept running in to her the rest of the day.  Now keep in mind there were over 2,000 people at this conference, and we kept seeing each other.  That night I went to an ice cream social, and there she was.  Here’s where the “woo-woo” comes in.

Lina: “Okay, now we have to stay in touch. Did I give you my card yet?”  She handed me her business card.

Me: “No, not yet.”  I looked at her card and goosebumps sprang up on my arms and along my neck.  I had my own business cards in my name badge holder, and turned it around to show it to her.

Lina: “Oh, I gave it to you already.”

I shook my head.  “No, these are my business cards.”

The picture on the cards were exactly the same.  I think our goosebumps even matched.

Weirder part?  We have the same haircut, wear same style of glasses, are the same height, and our favorite color to wear is black.

WOO-WOO MOMENT. So now we’re ‘sisters’ and friends.


About Allison B Collins

Allison B Collins is an aspiring author, writing tales of love. After all, everyone deserves a Happily Ever After.

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  1. Hi Allison, your new sister here. I’ve just blogged about this as well. My blog address is: linagardiner.blogspot.ca I’ve posted a couple of pictures. So, you think there’s someone else out there who looks like us? The evil sister? LOL ’cause that sure isn’t me.

  2. Hi, Sis! Loved your blog post, and the picture – yours is much better….Mom always did like you better. No, you’re not the evil twin…she’s still out there…somewhere…waiting…watching. .

  3. LOL! Nervously looking over my shoulder.

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